I Love Coaches

Without coaches, I would probably be lying in a ditch somewhere!

Okay, maybe not that bad, but my life has been blessed with some great professional and personal coaches over my lifetime. They provided me with many lessons and tools to help me navigate this crazy journey we call “life”. They were instrumental in helping me achieve my very best.

My greatest joy has always come from the opportunity to coach, teach and mentor – there is such great satisfaction in helping others learn a new skill or improve their outlook or be their best.

Just like you do every day.

To pay if forward, I surveyed many Independent Professional Coaches to ask what they needed help with, and that’s how Bomnipotent was born. Many coaches needed an all-in-one application to run their business – to take care of the administrative day-to-day work to save precious time and earn more dollars!

Bomnipotent is my “thank you” to all the amazing coaches out there. Come join and see how we can make your business more joyful!

Headshot Creighton Wong

Creighton Wong
Founder of Bomnipotent